Find and check your business rates valuation

by Grange Property Services

The VOA launched its ‘Find Your Business Rates Valuation’ service on GOV.UK on 30 September.  This service supports the publication of the 2017 draft rating lists by allowing customers to easily ‘click, find and review’ the factual details of their rateable value.
The new service has been designed to make it easier for ratepayers to use. We have also undertaken research with Agents and Local Authorities to understand what requirements they have for the service and have built this into the overall design.
The site will continue to be developed over the coming months and we will release new functionality that meets our users’ needs. For example, we will launch advanced search fields and we will look into gradually adapting and increasing these fields depending on users’ needs.
The VOA will also provide the full rating lists and a majority of summary valuations as a downloadable dataset. This provides a reliable and easy alternative for any advanced bulk data users.
The data will be available for download and free of charge but its usage is restricted.  Full terms and conditions and a link to the download will be available on https://www.gov.uk/correct-your-business-rates

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