Why working for the family business works!

by Grange Property Services

As well as being one of the Directors of her parents’ Business Park, Fiona Waugh is also Managing Director of her own property company - and the combination of running both businesses side by side really does work.
Fiona is one of two daughters of Willie and Sue Fisher who own Lynderswood Business Park and Farm Estate near Braintree. The Business Park, first established in 1989, comprises 70,000 sq. ft. of business space and light industrial units and houses 50 successful businesses employing over 150 local people.
As a marketing hub to promote the Park’s development and advertise its business space Fiona set up her own property company, Grange Property Services. 10 years on and Fiona runs the day-to-day management and lettings of the Business Park and has also built up a successful portfolio of property clients of her own.
 “Today’s commercial property market is very competitive.” says Fiona. “Companies are looking for premises that fit their immediate business needs but at the same time need future flexibility to expand without being restricted to long-term leases. At Lynderswood we are realistic about our premises from the onset and always try to accommodate our tenants’ objectives. I think they value our honesty and straightforward no-nonsense approach most of the time! We firmly believe in getting to know our tenants and we want to keep working with them for many years.
“We let and manage good quality premises to attract good quality tenants to the Park. We are very much a family-driven business and want to stay that way to secure the future for our next generation of family members.”
A lot of Grange Property Services portfolio consists of offices and units on Lynderswood Business Park. The Park continues to thrive and when premises become available they usually attract a good deal of interest from local businesses. Tenants find the Park a pleasant working environment; it is out-of-town, located in a relatively traffic-free zone, a well maintained site with easy access, it has ample parking, its own radio broadband mast and a good place to run a business from.
For full information and to get a flavour of the Park, visit their website www.lynderswood.co.uk

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